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Polyethylene Rope

Polyethylene rope is an extremely economical rope that is strong and light weight, very similar with Polypropylene rope. Compared with Polypropylene rope, Polyethylene rope is brighter, smoother,  higher wear resistance, and softer than Polypropylene rope.

1.Diameter: 4mm-60mm
2.Structure: 3 stran,d 4 stran,d 8 stran,d hollow braid
3. Characteristic: Float on water, Low weight, Minimal water absorption,
conventional economical , durable, easy to operate
4. Application: Fishing, Industrial Sling and Safety, Packing, Marine mooring
5. Melting Point: 165°
6.UV Resistance: Medium
7. Abrasion Resistance: Medium
8. Temperature Resistance: 70℃ max
9. Chemical Resistance: Good
10. Production standard: ISO 2307

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